Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skip the aggregators on job listings


It was a simple apology
at an online site devoted to news and information for re- cruiters and HR profes- sionals. But it offered a peek behind the curtain for us job-seekers.

"On behalf [of] recruiters, vendors, consultants and experts, let me say we're sorry," it stated. And for what? "Confusion and chaos; over-complicating the process; the lack of respect and customer focus; an online nightmare."

OK. You sound sincere enough. But can you fix it?

The problem, you see, is that "explosive growth and use of search engines, [and] social and professional networking sites" has attracted third-party aggregators that are poaching job listings in order to lure résumés and secure future business from employers, says the recruiters' site, Talent Buzz.

All of which leaves job-seekers in limbo. "Your résumé may never get to the employer for the job you are applying for, especially if they don’t have a relationship with the site sponsoring or feeding jobs to the aggregator sites," Talent Buzz says.

Ah. That could explain a lot: no acknowledgement of an application, no inquiry from human resources.

The corporate recruiter who runs Talent Buzz describes his clicking through a listing on an aggregator's site, being asked to fill out information here and there (and getting pop-up pitches for online degrees) before being deposited -- "8 clicks into it" -- at the homepage of a new jobs site.

"As a job-seeker and candidate, you shouldn’t have to wonder -- or worry about -- ... half of the chaos and confusion that’s being created," he says.

Talent Buzz advises job-seekers to be wary of postings by the third-party sites (called “job jackers” in the trade) and urges, in bold-face type, going directly to a company's website to apply for a job.

That simple but oh-so-important advice can save a passel of head- and heartache.

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