Friday, May 14, 2010

Writing is what we journalists do best

This photo by Elizabeth Malby of the Baltimore Sun building sits atop a website, Telling Our Stories, that went live this week.

The site is a collection of memoirs by reporters, copy editors, photographers and others affected last year when the Sun cut 60 positions, including about a third of its newsroom staff.

The recollections shared -- of pride and excitement at a first byline; of stories that made a difference; of a deep and abiding love of newspapers -- will be appreciated by fellow journalists. The tales of being told you'd be among those let go -- and the resulting dead man's walk through the newsroom -- will ring true for others who shared that fate.

I'd suggest approaching the site this way: read the intro on the home page, then click on "The fellows" for a brief bio on project participants. That way you'll learn who they are and what they did at the Sun before following the link to their contribution.

Just be sure to have a box of tissues nearby.

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