Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ink on paper: Remember me when I'm gone

My daughter cried when she saw a forlorn can of Bud Lite on a shelf at the back of the refrigerator, the favorite of a friend who died too young.

The incident came to mind when I stumbled on mixed media daily, a blog by Erik Shveima, a West Coast animator and 3-D artist, who vows to draw the front page of his daily paper 365 days this year as a tribute to the medium:

      "   I love this quaint, old-timey news and coupon delivery system, and although I do get much of my news online like everybody else, I still enjoy the newspaper as a physical object --- the smell of it, the weight of it, the inky residue left on your hands from holding it. It's a small pleasure, but it's the small pleasures you'll miss the most when they're no longer available to you.   "    

You should read the whole explanation for yourself on why he's doing what he's doing; it's quite touching.

And his words ring true: any little reminder -- like a beer in the fridge -- can return the sting of losing someone or something held dear. Will this be the reaction to newspapers sometime in the future?

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